Investigative reports 10x faster

Krash is an investigative copilot that helps entity resolution and intelligence software companies to save time on writing reports and finding connections in disparate data sources

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Lightning speed

Runs faster than other solutions through parallelization—enabling the simultaneous writing of 100 reports in just four minutes

Productive work

Removes the need for busy work, allowing investigators to focus on what they do best: uncovering financial crime

Have your back covered

Leveraging vector databases, our platform enables investigators to pose questions and receive real-time answers for each case

“Brainstorming ideas and playing around with language and phrasing has always been a time-consuming part of my work as a copywriter. now does most of that for me in 30 seconds. It's the 10x  writing productivity tool I never knew I needed”

Jacob McMillen

Director of Content Marketing,

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Review generator

Write trustable reviews that will help you start a business, develop strategies and many more

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Krashminton Stanley

The generation tool with different tones of voice is incredible. Writing is no longer a chore. It's quite beneficial to have so many writing frameworks to choose from. assists our team with product descriptions, ad copy, website copy, blogs, and emails, among other things.

John Krashinski

Writing effective marketing copy has never been easier. Since I started using, it simply takes me a few minutes to create a good piece, whether it's for our blog, social media posts, or online ads. Marketers have no excuse now.

David Krashton
Author, Podcast Host

I can't image not having in my life. It's altered the game for me. I can submit a line or two of a basic notion, and takes it in and generates more than I can conceive in 30 seconds or less—every time I push enter.

Elizabeth Krashing
Marketing Coordinator

My personal copywriter and secret weapon is! I use it to create blogs, newsletters, social captions, and other content. They even offer amazing YouTube lessons that teach you how to utilize the tool in different ways. I LOVE!

Shawn McKrashline
Content Creator

I've been using for a few months now, along with a half-dozen other commercial AI copy tools, and this one has outperformed them all. They have the most specialized tools of anyone. The created outputs (variant) are of greater quality and more intuitive. The variant's voice is more accurate and conversational.

Krashlove Simmons
Managing Director

I'm very thrilled I discovered!!! Thank you so much for making my blogging responsibilities a billion times more pleasant (which goes well beyond simply making them easy).

Krashten Dunst
Marketer helps me save time and money by streamlining my content generation process. This is accomplished by automating one of the most difficult (and time-consuming) aspects of content marketing: finding inspiration.

Selene Krashon
Blogger is a content creator's fantasy come true. It's similar to hiring a ghostwriter, but without the expense and inconvenience of hiring and managing someone else to produce your material.

Leo Krashantino
Marketing Coordinator

In roughly 30 minutes, I developed enough creative engagement questions for a year of organic promotion. If you're still on the fence about the pro plan, you must be nuts.

Chad Krash
SMM manager

This AI is just great. Writing material for my company used to take hours, and by the end of the day, my brain was mush. Thank you for creating such a time and life-saving technology that takes the worry out of content development.

Krasha Williams

I first discovered this tool today, and I am already impressed. You guys have created a fantastic tool here! I like how quick and easy it is to make fantastic copy, and it writes far better than I could. It's as if I hired a full-time copywriter for 10% of the price!

Krashak Newgoal

I can accomplish so much more so quickly because I'm eliminating a lot of the footwork in copywriting, which is staring at a blank page and wondering what the hell I'm going to write about.

"Brainstorming ideas and experimenting with language and phrasing has always been a time-consuming component of my work as a copywriter; now accomplishes the majority of that for me in 30 seconds; it's the 10x writing productivity tool I didn't know I needed."

Jacob McKrash

Director of Content Marketing,

Blog content

Write related blog posts faster, with better knowledge of the theme you’re writing about

Website text

Tell your service’s or product’s story with a compelling narrative all over your website

E-mail copy

Send e-mails that would work best for even the coldest sales out there


Use the best frameworks in the market connected with a 100% clickable headlines generation


Increase sales with better product descriptions that won’t be unnoticed

Social media content

Generate post captions that will hit to the bottom of the heart of your audience

How Krash works

2. Do the settings

Pick a tone of voice, length of the text, creativity level or a specific template for your needs

3. Sift through the results

Krash gives you multiple ways to express and develop the idea you're working on

4. Edit, polish and publish

Use Krash’s editor to rewrite paragraphs and polish up sentences. Then, just copy and paste the work anywhere you need for publishing.

1. Give Krash some context

Enter a few sentences about your topic